04/05/2019 02:00pm

Mandala Drawing Workshop

Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means circle or center. It symbolises the universe in Hinduism & Buddhism. Drawing a Mandala is an engaging activity that comes with therapeutic powers. Come, immerse yourself in 2.5 hours of Mandala Art Therapy where you learn:
– Basic Understanding of Mandalas
– Step-by-step Technique of Drawing a Symmetrical Mandala
– How to use Pens to Draw
– Various Intricate Zentangle Patterns
– Colouring the Mandala
– Creative Thinking
– To Practice Mindfulness and Goal Fulfillment Therapy

All tickets included art materials.
Non members: $500
Hive members: $450

Take home an exclusive piece of art drawn by yourself. No drawing experience needed. All art materials will be provided.

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